09 July 2008

Masjid tertua Australia terima dana Majlis Bandaran Adelaide

Adelaide City Council Funds Renovations on Australia'a Oldest Mosque

June 17, 2008: Australia's oldest mosque is getting a A$65,000 (US$61,192) grant from Adelaide City Council to fund the repairs to one of its minarets. The mosque in Gilbert Street in the city was built in the late 1880s, with minarets added in 1903. Lord Mayor Michael Harbison says it is the first time the Council has funded refurbishment work on a mosque.The Lord Mayor told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: “This money allocated will restore the fourth minaret of the mosque to its former glory and give us what really is a beautiful building, very important to the Islamic community in Adelaide, but [also] a great tourist attraction.”“[It’s not only] Adelaide’s mosque but the oldest mosque in Australia,” he said. Source: ABC News

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