16 June 2009

FAMSY South Australia: Helping students, mould practising Muslim

Assalamualaikum wrt. wbt.

Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah as He still loves us. He gives us treasured moments to improve ourselves. As the sign to praise Him, we should keep struggling and struggling to bring the 'Rahmah' to all mankind and universe (Kun Rahmatan Lil Alamin). Even tomorrow is our last day of life, nurturing al-khayr (goodness) is compulsory and significance before we meet Him in hereafter.

Our journey to Adelaide City was very meaningful and bring us Sakinah/calmness (after my beloved Wafiyah born to the world) as the time allow us to grow something meaningful and hopefully rewarded with Jannah. The establishment of FAMSY or Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth, South Australia chapter is a great platform to make da'wah to students. Statistically, the number of students and youth in South Australia growing very fast as there are three main universities i.e Adelaide Uni, Unisa and Flinders Uni which is a place of many brilliant students. Also, the schools and colleges are everywhere as education is a necessity nowadays.

This is a great chance for us as Muslims to make efforts in generating practicising Muslim youth in Australia and the world at large. For me, it was a very heavy task but Insya Allah if we steadfast, the victory is in our hand. It is also a training for us who will serve our community whereever we are.

About FAMSY, it is a professional Muslim student and youth organisation, that is committed to the education, training and development of future community leaders. Through its Tarbiyah and other programs, based on a balanced Islamic methodology, FAMSY, with integrity and excellence in all we do, strives to develop students and youth for the betterment of the Australian community.

The role plays by FAMSY was initiated since 1964. Lil bit about the history of FAMSY, it began with the formation of the Muslim Students Association of Queensland MSAQ at Queensland University in 1964. In 1966, during the AFIS (predecessor of AFIC) congress, MSAQ suggested that each University in Australia should set up its own Muslim Students Association (MSA).Later MSAs were established in Adelaide, Armidale, Melbourne, Newcastle and Tasmania. In 1968, the six pioneer MSAs founded Australian Federation of Muslim Students Associations AFMSA. In 1993 AFMSA became "Ittihad al Jamaat Al-Islamiah" (Federation of Islamic groups), and its membership was then also opened to non-students. In 1991 this name was changed to FAMSY (Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth).

About FAMSY SA, the vision is clear, becoming a body which is committed in developing practising Muslim students and youth through tarbiyah programs and creating the harmony & Islamic atmosphere in South Australia. The mission, we strive the vision by ongoing Islamic education through the comprehensive tarbiyah system; Islamic leadership training; and Islamic information and services.

I’m very positive that Islam is the complete way and the only way for mankind. It our task then to put some efforts so that our community discover the beauty of Islam. Know Islam. Love Islam. And Work for Islam.

In July 2009, there will be a weekly Islamic Talk known as Al-Hidayah Public Lecture which will be held in Adelaide Uni. The program is open for all and run by our brothers and sisters from FAMSY SA, Islamic Students Society of Adelaide University (ISSUA) and other students group. May this program will sparks the hidayah to the students and strengthen the bond of brotherhood among the students. Insya Allah.

Hopefully FAMSY SA as a new student body will benefit the society and becoming the agent of change to the ummah. We open for any suggestion and cooperation to work ahead in dakwah thullabiyah.

May Allah bless us with strength and steadfastness. Ameen.

Your brother in Islam,

Mohd Safwan Saparudin


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I am Hindu Indian. Will I be able to come and make jokes about Brown Muslims and White Muslims who slaughter us, Buddists, Shieks, Jews, Christians and especially Apostates.

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You know we love you-not.