03 June 2005

Bring back islam

BRING BACK ISLAM BRING BACK THE STATE When I said no more waitI meant..NO MORE WAIT!!!!!!No more watching brothers dieNo more watching sisters cryOH MUSLIM UMMAH RISE!!Rise up from these liesRise up from nationalism prideAllah is on our sideWE WILL NEVER COMPROMISE MUSLIM FOR LIFE!MUSLIMS UNITE!Billion and a half MuslimsThey can’t make us or break usDon’t judge us asideBy our faces and placesCOLOR BLIND...!!!No spaces for racistTravelers in this lifeYour lies can never fool usISLAM IS THE ONLY SOLUTIONTo the problems that face usWE WON’T COMPROMISE ISLAM!!These kafirs can never take usWhen they drop bombsOn our brothers...It hits usWe don’t mix action with our prayerOh Allah......forgive us!Let us RISE up for IslamLike we RISE UP for fajr at dawnUniting under one flag,Using Islam as our only bondIts time to take a STAND!Follow ONLY Allah’s Commands!Put Khilafah back on the MAPITS TIME TO BRING ISLAM BACKBring Islam Back Bring Islam BackBring Islam Back Bring Islam BackBring Islam Back Bring Islam BackBring Islam Back Bring Islam BackNo KHALIFAH?Where are we heading’?Without IslamWe’re stressingImplement Allah’s blessingThat’s what I am addressingApart from this kufur schemeBring Islam back to the sceneLet’s unite the Ummah!!Following only the QuranAnd the SunnahEven if all the kafirs got together...They still couldn’t stop this Ummah!We love IslamMore than we love lifeGot Muslim brothers on my sideKeeping each other in lineWith One vision.....The Deen of HaqWith One mission.....To Bring Islam Back!One Ummah!One agenda!Allahu AkbarInsha-Allah I will see you in JannahTakbir!!!!Allahu Akbar Allahu AkbarThe Ummah was onceOne body undefeatedUntil colonialism crept inAnd separated usAccording to landAccording to geographyAccording to nationalityNow we suffer tyrannySince the Khilafah been destroyedWe have been more than 50 statesPut in place puppet rulersWith stupid grins on their faceRace or skinYour criteria of bond?Shallow thinkingAnd superficial is how we call itThis reality statesthat mankind needs revivalBased on what?Definitely not the instinct of survivalTribe-lism has infiltrated our mindHas divided or landsNow tells me where is our IMAMM?Bring Islam Back Bring Islam BackBring Islam Back Bring Islam BackBring Islam Back Bring Islam BackBring Islam Back Bring Islam BackMuslim Ummah’s DrivingBut there’s no one to steerOver a billion MuslimsBut we got no AmirWhen our enemiesUse to see the flagThey use to be in fearThey couldn’t hurt MuslimsBecause Khalifah was hereSo many years without a StateMuslims minds in rustNow we must reestablish IslamReestablishment is a mustFear no one but AllahIn Allah we trustIf you are down with IslamThen you’re down with us!!!Remember these wordsBRING ISLAM BACK!Time is slippingSo Get back on the right trackNo more borders between our landNo more kufur system to be runAll of these belong to one landPart of once mighty Islamic spanMore than 52 nations we fallOne nation strong we stand tallWaiting for the Ummah’s callOnce again and for allReestablish Islam to rule allMuslims are suppose to beThe example to mankindIt’s an obligationTo have implementationOf every legislationIn our daily lifeWithout hesitationStick to our only exampleProphet of ALLAHHe did not improvisedUnlike our present leadersThat’s why there is no surpriseOur situations todayYa MuslimeenYa Mu’meneenOpen up your eyesAim for the ultimate prizeWhich is paradiseAllah’s lawsBy definition has no flawSo why do we pause?Tell me what’s the causeHold your applauseTakbir!!!!!Allahu AkbarAllahu AkbarAllahu Akbar

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